Netflix’s The Cleaning Lady Is Getting Great Reviews

If you’re looking for a show to watch while binge watching Netflix, you’ll probably want to check out “The Cleaning Lady.” This dramedy stars Elodie Yung, who plays a Cambodian-Filipino doctor working for the criminal underworld. The series was picked up by the network for a second season. And it’s no surprise – the show is getting great reviews. If you’re still unsure of whether you’ll enjoy it, keep reading!

Elodie Yung stars as a Cambodian-Filipino doctor

“The Cleaning Lady” is an unusual show set in the Philippines, and it features a mixed-race family. The show stars Southeast Asian actress Elodie Yung as a Cambodian doctor who is married to a Filipino. The show is the first of its kind to air on Fox, and it’s a perfect example of diversity on television.

The Cleaning Lady is based on a popular Argentinean television series of the same name. Elodie Yung stars as a Cambodian-Filipino doctor, Thony, who leaves her husband behind in the Philippines and heads to the U.S. to get medical treatment for her son, Luca. When she reaches her visa expiration date in Las Vegas, she gets trapped, and finds herself forced to work as a cleaning lady in a Las Vegas hotel. Fiona plays Thony’s Filipino sister-in-law, Fiona.

Elodie Yung plays a cleaning lady for the criminal underworld

Elodie Yung, an immigrant from Cambodia who lives in the United States, plays a Cambodian-American doctor who falls in love with organized crime. Her visa expires a year ago, so she uses her cunning and her knowledge of the criminal underworld to forge her own path in this darkly humorous drama. Despite her limited notes, Yung makes the most of them.

“The Cleaning Lady” is a fast-paced thriller about a Cambodian woman who becomes a fixer for the mob in Las Vegas. Yung is great in her central role and embodies the character’s motherly instinct. However, she is woefully underdeveloped when it comes to charms with mob bosses. The cast, however, makes up for the lack of charisma of the other characters.

FOX renews The Cleaning Lady for a second season

The Cleaning Lady is on the verge of a second season, which will be a welcome addition to the network’s lineup. Currently in production and based on a 2017 Argentinian format, the comedy series stars Eldie Young and Oliver Hudson. The second season of the series will premiere on January 14, 2022. While no further details have been released, Fox has praised the show’s first season’s strong performance.

The series, produced by Joe Lotito and Stewart Lyons, has a stellar cast that includes the daredevil Elodie Yung as the titular character. The show’s second season is set in the Philippines, where Thony De La Rosa was raised by his mother. Thony was nearly murdered during a late-night cleaning duty, but he’s recovered. Thony’s boss Arman Morales, a gang boss, views the cleaning women as a way to hide evidence from law enforcement. However, Thony must face the reality of being a cleaning woman in America, as she is expected to be fired by her boss.

Elodie Yung’s character has a complicated backstory

Known as the Queen of Hell’s Kitchen, Elodie Yung is a French Cambodian who starred on Daredevil. Now she’s playing Thony De La Rosa in the Netflix original The Cleaning Lady. Born in France, Yung is breaking stereotypes as a woman of color. Her father was a political refugee from Cambodia who moved to France. As a result, she has a strong connection to the immigrant experience, where a person is thrust into a foreign environment and must learn how to survive.

In a role that reflects the complexities of immigration, Yung has a complex backstory. Her character originally portrayed as a Filipino woman, but was rewritten to reflect her Cambodian heritage and marriage to a Filipino. This story is groundbreaking because it features both Cambodian and Filipino representation on the big screen. In addition to Yung’s performance, the role of Martha Millan is a rare opportunity for a South East Asian actress to gain global exposure.

Elodie Yung’s performance is overly familiar

If The Cleaning Lady’s central performance is overly familiar, it is most likely because of its similarities to Breaking Bad. Both are network dramas, and both feature arch characters and the obligatory plot swerves and setups. However, Yung’s performance is heartwarming, and she plays the motherly instincts of both characters with a sense of warmth and determination. Her performance, like that of her co-star Elodie Yung, is genuinely touching, but her lack of charisma with the mob bosses makes her seem to be a lesser character.

Final Words:

“The Cleaning Lady” is based on an Argentine drama of the same name. The film stars Australian-Filipino actress Elodie Yung as a Cambodian woman who ends up working as a cleaning lady for organized crime. Elodie Yung’s performance as the titular character is overly familiar, but the rest of the show is well-written.


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