How to Ace at Pitching Ideas

When pitching a statement to your boss, it can be nerve-wracking. There is no need to be uncomfortable with your body. You can be comfortable in your skin.

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If you do not believe in what you are selling, you will not be able to convince others to buy it.

Have you ever tried to convince someone of something you know deep down is not true? It is not fun. If you are trying to convince someone, they can sense your uncertainty or lack of conviction. It takes all three parts of your body to be confident about a course of action – your head, your heart, and your gut. That is a big ask!

You will have to do your research, know what you are talking about, and be prepared to answer questions.

This is not something that just happened; it is something that was planned. Let them know that you have thoroughly explored all possible options and have concluded that this is the right one. You need to be able to explain why you are so drawn to the work you do and why it matters to you.

Make It Conversational 

Most bosses and audiences do not want to be lectured. The truth is most leaders would rather have a discussion rather than be told what to do. Make your pitch session more engaging and conversational than just a boring chunk of ideas and concepts being lectured. Also, be attentive to cues and watch body language to ensure your ideas are received and understood. You might also want to ask whether the person you are speaking to is on board with your ideas.

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Be Passionate

It is essential to be passionate about what you do but never be so attached to an idea that you are unwilling to incorporate others’ thoughts or feedback. You can focus on your mission and still have an ear for improvement. 

By being open to feedback and taking it on board, you demonstrate your strength and confidence and generate leadership trust to carry out a big plan. Selling should be personal and authentic. Some of the best presentations are based on critical insights. If you could only get your audience to remember three things – or even one thing -, what would you want them to stay away from? Start with the basics. 

Emotional Aspect

Remember that emotions also influence even the most sensible leaders. Connect with your target audience where they are and present your ideas in the context of their problems. It is not just a sales pitch; it is a solution. Finally, when sharing your “story,” remember to keep it compact. Walk people down the path, and make sure it ends. Leaders want to know what is important, so focus on the main points.

Bottom Line

Finding the right confidence to sell your ideas should be your main priority. Connect with your audience, share your story, and most importantly, keep your essentials near you.

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