How Much Does a Hip Replacement Surgery Cost Near Me?

If you wonder how much a hip replacement surgery cost near me, it depends on your country. You can get different quotes for hip replacement surgery cost. According to Statista, In 2019, the cost of hip replacements has drastically changed worldwide. The United States had the highest price for hip replacement among the countries on the list. It cost more than $40,000. During this time, Poland had the lowest prices for hip replacement. It costs about $5,000 in the United States to have one done. In fact, India also costs less for hip replacement surgery. 

The market for hip replacements is very big right now. The United States, then Germany, is the top exporter of medical devices globally. There is a lot of money in the global hip and knee reconstruction market in North America. This market is expected to keep growing in the next few years. 

Different Types of Hip Replacement Surgery

  • Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacements or total hip arthroplasty is the most common type of surgery. When you have this surgery, the doctor replaces worn-out or damaged parts of your hip with artificial parts. To keep things safe, they replace the socket with a durable plastic cup, which may or may not have a titanium metal shell. A ceramic or metallic ball will be placed in your femoral head, and it will stay there for a long time. When you get a new ball, it’s attached to a metal stem that goes into the top of your bone. Find out more about the different types of hip implants.

Hip replacement surgery is also for people of different ages and levels of physical activity.

  • Partial Hip Replacement

Partially replacing the femoral head, also called a hemiarthroplasty. This procedure involves replacing only one side of the hip joint, rather than the whole thing. This is a common procedure for older people who have broken their hips.

  • Hip Resurfacing

The femoral head and socket’s hip resurfacing is ideal for younger, more active people.

Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Different Countries

Hip surgery in the UK costs about $12,000

As for the hip replacement surgery cost in India can go, one in the UK will set you back about €12,000, which is more affordable than a cheap one in America, and also the cost of a replacement in Australia, which is about €25,000. 

Hip surgery in Ireland costs about $15,500

As a surprise, a hip replacement procedure in Ireland costs a lot more than in the United Kingdom. It costs about €15,500 in Ireland, but you might be able to get a deal for €10,000 in Northern Ireland. 

Hip surgery in Poland Costs €5,000

If you need surgery, you can get it done in Poland for just €5,000, which is less than half of what it costs in the UK. Warsaw has some good hospitals, and health groups are always working to improve the medical infrastructure in the city, making progress.

Hip surgery in Germany costs about €10,000

Getting surgery in Berlin can be a little pricey. It’s about the same price as getting married in Paris, France, which costs about $10,000. But it’s worth it. It’s safe to say that Germany has a lot of the best hospitals in the world, and when you add high-quality universities where doctors can learn and practice, you can be sure that you’ll be in good hands for any surgery.

Hip surgery costs €6,500 in South Africa

South Africa has been one of the most popular places for Africans to go for medical treatment. In 2012, almost 350,000 people from Africa came to South Africa for medical treatment. People in big cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa can have hip replacement surgery in hospitals that the Council has approved for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA) or the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQUA). The cost of the surgery is about €6,500.

Hip surgery costs €5,000 in India

In recent years, India has become an alternative destination for medical tourism because of more money being spent on health. In 2017, 495,056 people came, more than double the number in 2016. According to figures from the Ministry of Tourism, India’s medical tourism industry is expected to grow by 200 percent by 2020, to $9 billion, in charge of tourism. As long as the expectations are like this, you will be very well-liked for sure. If you need hip replacement surgery, you might get an offer from a clinic in India that starts at €5,000. This is a lot less than the prices in Europe and the United States. 

Hip surgery in Turkey costs €5,000

Turkey has been a popular destination for medical tourists for a long time now. According to the Istanbul International Health Tourism Association, 700,000 medical tourists came to the country last year, which is a lot of people (ISTUSAD). Turkey is a great place for tourists worldwide to go for a total hip replacement. It costs as little as €5,000. Find out more about hip replacement in Turkey by reading this.

If you are looking for an affordable destination for hip replacement surgery, you can have options like India, Poland, and Turkey. If you are looking for more information on hip replacement surgery near me, book a live consultation at Lyfboat. To read more about our health blogs, please click here!

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