Custom Pillow Boxes Offer a Range of Imagination

Custom Pillow Boxes Offer a Range of Imagination

Custom Pillow Boxes are based on the concept of a pillow. They are folded at the edges, which resemble a pillow when sitting. These boxes require less space and deliver strength and vigor to the product. They have good visual appeal with a unique shape. 

These custom made pillows do provide not only protection but also provide a unique outlook for your business. You can get these printed in any shape and size according to your preference which will help to enhance your brand image in the marketplace. You can easily get these printed from any printing service provider.

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Custom Pillow Boxes Require Very Little Space

Custom Pillow Boxes are easy to handle because of their lightweight feature. They do not entail much room for storage purposes and can be easily carried from one place to another.

You can ship products easily with these boxes as they are cheaper than other packaging boxes. Their shipping rates would be less because of their lightweight feature.

They Provide Durability And Sturdiness To The Product

When you are looking for something unique and versatile, custom pillow boxes can be a perfect option. You can use them for various purposes. They are robust, secure and steadfast. These boxes run a gorgeous guise to the product. They contain a transparent window that helps display the product and its quality.

They Have Good Visual Appeal With A Unique Shape

Custom pillow boxes are also known as pillow packs or paisley boxes. These boxes have been used for years and are commonly used to pack gifts and food items. You can get the box printed in any desired size according to your product specifications.

You can easily put the products into these boxes without any difficulty because they are easy to open. It has a great visual appeal with a unique shape that makes it easier for customers to carry them around.

They Provide Versatility In Style With Various Options

You can choose various colors and designs according to your business needs and requirements. Many kinds of pillow packaging are available today, made from different materials such as cardboard, paperboard, plastic, and vinyl.

The key variance between these supplies is the thickness of each material which determines its durability and strength. If you want to include something extra, you can add a bow or ribbon.

These boxes provide versatility in style with various options like:

  • Lamination
  • Gloss Finish
  • Matte finish
  • Coatings
  • UV spot
  • Etc.

Customization of Pillow Boxes Wholesale


Pillow Boxes Wholesale are available in three sizes, so you can find the perfect product to suit your needs.

For example, if you’re looking for a way to package your smaller products, then the smallest pillow box is ideal. It measures 20x50x70mm, and there is plenty of space inside for things like earrings, sweets and chocolates.

The next size measures 25x75x95mm and has more space for bigger items like necklaces, watches and candy bars.

If you have larger products to package, then the largest pillow box might be what you’re looking for – it measures 30x100x125mm and is big enough to hold books, mugs or even shoes!


When designing custom pillow boxes, the first step is to decide how many sides of the box you want for luxury or high-end packaging. You’ll want to use kraft and cardboard materials. These higher-quality materials will help add an extra level of sophistication to your pillow boxes.


Consider using kraft paper for your pillow box packaging needs to create a more rustic feel. This natural and eco-friendly material is perfect for packaging items like soaps, perfumes, candles, and other specialty products.

Another decision is to practice cardboard pillow boxes. They are thicker than kraft paper and deliver a modest yet stylish look seamless for any modern product. Cardboard can be used for just about any product but works great for items like gifts, wedding favors, or other promotional items.

While kraft paper and cardboard are the most popular types of custom pillow box packaging, one of the best aspects of these containers is their versatility. You can use numerous materials, and they’ll still be considered a pillow box!

How to Benefit Your Brand with Custom Printed Pillow Boxes

If you’re looking for ways to make your packaged goods more memorable, using Custom Printed Pillow Boxes can be a profuse mode to do just that. Here are the methods in which custom pillow boxes can benefit your product more wisely:

1. Make Your Brand Memorable

2. Fix Your Packaging Not together Like Others

3. Establish Your Brand as Fun and Creative

4. Carry Thorough Consistent Branding Across All Products

5. Get People Talking About Your Brand Online

6. Attract New Customers Through Word-of-Mouth Marketing

7. Stand Out as a Professional in Your Pitch

8. Establish Trust With Your Customers

9. Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

10. Improve Brand Visibility In-Store 

If you’re a product owner, you’re probably aware of how unique and specialized your field is. You also probably know that there’s a lot of race in that specialty. It can be tough to stand out from the masses.

There are many different types of Custom Printed Pillow Boxes available today, so make sure that you do some research before buying one. You should look at what other companies have used these kinds of products before purchasing them yourself!

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